iPod Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit from ZapMedia

ZapMedia Services Inc said it has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple for unspecified damages related to Apple’s iTunes Internet site and its iPod media players.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, cites “multiple attempts” to resolve the matter with Apple.

ZapMedia alleges that in the late 1990s, its predecessor company created an interconnected system similar to online distributions systems like Apple’s iTunes Store and filed two patents to protect its intellectual property in October of 2000. The patent filings include what may be perceived as the foundations to a DRM platform.

Following the developed technology, ZapMedia met Apple as well as a number of technology and media companies, and explained the plan to them.

“Without asking ZapMedia for permission, Apple subsequently unveiled its own system,” the company said. “Apple announced its iPod MP3 player with an integrated iTunes software application in October of 2001 and its iTunes store in April 2003.”