Is Your Wireless Network Vulnerable?

A wireless network at home has many benefits, but many people leave them vulnerable. They are easy to set up, making connections from your router to your adapter, and running the software to install your hardware on the Internet. However, make sure it’s secured and locked down.

When configuring your wireless network, don’t provide your neighborhood with free access to the Internet. Instead, make sure the password is set. Also, don’t use the same name for your network as your computer, because that will reveal information that hackers want.

Connecting to a free wireless network is great, but watch out for hackers. Just because it’s free at a local restaurant, or a McDonald’s, doesn’t make it secured. If the Wi-Fi connection is open, it can be dangerous for if people figure out how to bypass the router, and that will allow them into your computer.

When installing your equipment, never use a free wireless networking software from the Internet. Always use and install the disk that came with your router. Be default, a router’s user name is “admin” without a password, and this is something you will want to change.

There are usually three primary protocols to use to secure your wireless router. Most people tend to use WPA2, but any available protocols will work fine. You will also want to use MAC or hardware address filtering, which can be found in your network manual.