iTunes Gift Certificate Virus Stirs Identity Theft Concerns

iTunes Gift Certificate Virus – Some iTunes gift certificates that are being offered through e-mail are actually loaded with a virus. In addition, it could potentially become an identity theft problem. Experts at Sophos detected the malware.

Spoofed emails purportedly offering $50 vouchers for the Apple Store, which arrive with email subject lines such as “Gift Certificate”, come with an attachment supposedly containing a certificate code.

In reality, these zip file attachments are infected with the Windows PC-compatible malware, detected by Sophos as BredoZp-B and first spotted by German infosec group eleven-security.

The scam – illustrated with screenshots and explained in more depth by net security firm Sophos – is likely to be repeated by similar scams in the run up to Christmas, at least if previous years are anything to go by.

Only buy iTunes gift certificates from Apple or an official retailer that sells them.