Leaked iPhone 5 Pictures Of Logic Board, Nano-SIM

A leaked photo of an Apple iPhone 5 nano-SIM tray has been found on a French site, but nothing has been confirmed by Apple and the photos could be a fake.

We’re not saying that the photos are real or not because the sources can’t be verified and we’ve seen these rumors before. The picture is allegedly the next iPhone logic board. Some people speculate that it originated from a Chinese forum and that the board screw holes line up with the previously leaked cases.

The photos show nothing about a dual or quad-core processor, which is expected in the next generation mobile device. The metal shielding covering was not removed in the photo, which makes it very difficult to verify the processor. This could be deliberate, but we question why that wasn’t leaked.

The iPhone has, for the last two times, used a downclocked version of the iPad processor, so we could be looking at a phone loaded with the A5X. Unless there’s more information, it looks like we’ll have to wait till the rumored upcoming September 12 event to find out for sure.

We checked with our inside sources at Apple about the event, but they know nothing about it.

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