Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Discovered: See Design

We want you to see the leaked Apple iPhone 5 photos for yourself because we want you to know the truth. As most of you know already, we will not report on anything that’s rumor when it comes to Apple, because there’s a lot of mischief out there. However, we do want you to know the misinformation so that you are not fooled by pranksters.

With that being said, the so-called leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 5 are complete fakes.

The images were first published on a Chinese tech blog, and then they were picked up by several “legitimate” news websites that fell for the prank. We received the same distribution email, and although we thought the photos were beautiful, our Apple insider asked us not to publish them. And it’s a good thing we didn’t because they were fake.

“It’s been amazing and a lot of fun to see how many ‘knowledgeable’ people fell for them,” Dutch designer Martin Hajek told Gizmodo wasn’t the only blog to fall for his pictures. They have been posted on about a dozen popular sites so far, including, Ubergizmo, Apple Insider, and more.

“It’s a testimony to how embedded Apple has become in our daily life,” he said.

The images are a series of renderings Hajek created and posted to his Flickr site based on leaked images he had seen on various tech websites. He describes his passion for smartphones and tech design as his hobby.

“As a (former) industrial designer I like to play around with 3D modeling and visualizing,” Hajek told “Apple’s unreleased products lend themselves perfectly to play with.”

Hajek works as an engineer for a large Japanese consumer-electronics company he declined to name — not in the design department but still quite close, he said. He cut his teeth at GRO design, a small design consultancy in the Netherlands, and still lives in Utrecht, “dead-center” in the Netherlands.

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