LifeLock Identity Theft Service Comes Under Fire

LifeLock, the online business involved in identity theft protection, has been named in several lawsuits from customers who believe the service is a scam.

LifeLock customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia have filed a lawsuit against LifeLock over false claims of complete protection.

LifeLock, which is founded by Todd Davis, is best known for broadcasting Davis’ Social Security number on a truck during their advertising campaign.

The lead attorney David Paris says the service doesn’t even work for Davis, adding that his Social Security number has successfully been used to apply for or receive driver’s licenses at least 20 times.

Davis claims that there have been 87 attempts of someone trying to use his social security number. A Texas payday loan company claims they loaned out $500 to someone using his Social Security number, but Davis claims this only happened because the loan company didn’t go through any of the major credit bureaus for a credit check.