Microsoft Unveils New Zune Players

Microsoft released its new Zune player to retailers and updated its software for both players and PCs. The Zune 4GB and 8GB represent the company’s first-ever flash players and maintain the same video playback, FM radio, and Wi-Fi support as hard disk models without dropping resolution or the feature set.

The renowned company also introduced the new concept design of the Zune pad, a hybrid controller that lets users either click or swipe the surface to navigate menus, and the ability to sync content wirelessly when the device is charging in a dock away from its home PC.

The Zune 80GB also takes on the new control method and increases the screen size of the original to 3.2 inches while shrinking its dimensions and adding the new Zune pad and Wi-Fi sync features.

The Zune 4GB and 8GB ship in black, green, pink, and red and should be available in most American stores today for $150 and $200 respectively. The 80GB player is available in a single black color for $250.

Users can customize the Zune with the Zune Originals artwork service. The Zune 80GB will be available for the same treatment sometime in December. The Zune 30GB remains at $200 and receives a free firmware update that includes all the software features of newer devices, including podcasting and Wi-Fi sync.