Vista SP1 available to Microsoft volume license owners

Microsoft has announced that business customers will receive the first Vista SP1 rollout scheduled for this week. The software company also updated its scheduled on forthcoming updates.

Vista SP1 customers that are businesses should expect an update by mid-March with a second update in April.

The software giant wants to publicly release Vista SP1 in stages because the update has encountered a few driver errors during the update process. However, Microsoft is working with hardware vendors to make their drivers compatible to prevent common issues during the update.

The main reason for the delay is that Microsoft is still ironing out significant issues where drivers for certain hardware devices do not work after installing the complete service pack.

Some technical savvy users have been able to solve the driver problems by re-installing the offending device a second time following the update. Microsoft released its final Vista SP1 version to beta testers last Friday.

This Friday, Microsoft volume licensees will be able to download the software in English. Developers that subscribe to MSDN and TechNet will get access to the operating system update later this month.