Microsoft Vista SP1 Updates Suspended

The announcement came in light of numerous user complaints citing computer crashes and/or constant reboot cycles following the recent installation of the latest automatic download.

The source of the problem lies with a specific file (known only as KB937287), which is necessary for the downloading of Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 ( SP1) update.

Nick White, Vista program manager, said “We made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update,” but did not offer any reason nor did he confirm the errors reported by users.

The file “KB937287” is one of three integral files that existing Windows Vista must have on their systems in order to enable the installation of Vista SP1, which will deliver more than 300 fixes and enhancements to Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Windows Operating System.

However, the problem shouldn’t be too much for Microsoft to handle, which still has around a month before SP1 becomes available for manual downloading.

Microsoft Vista SP1 automatic updates should resume in a few weeks.