Microsoft fixes Windows Live Corruption

Technical glitches for Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and other services stripped Microsoft users from access.

Windows Live was unavailable most of the day yesterday as Microsoft reported a log-in glitch. The technical issues prevented users from logging into most of the services ran by the renowned company.

Microsoft has announced that all external issues are resolved saying, “We apologize for any inconvenience this particular issue has caused consumers.”

Several users blamed the technical problem on Windows Server 2008, which was launched today by Microsoft, but the company stated the rumors were false.

Microsoft said the glitch in the Live services had nothing to do at all with the new operating system, but couldn’t comment on what the exact problem was.

The problem initially began when the Live services experienced an overload, but there is no cause for it yet. Microsoft employees are still trying to figure out what went wrong.

Over 280 million people have active accounts which were impacted through the Hotmail e-mail service, as well as the instant messaging, photo sharing, and other services.