Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 Released

The Microsoft Mac Business Unit (Mac BU) announced on Tuesday that they have released Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7, with new features for both the corporate service and personal service that delivers audio and video for the first time.

The messenger services now has support for the Mac OS X Bonjour technology, which allows users to detect other Messenger for Mac users that are on the same local network.

Messenger for Mac 7 displays added presence states to reflect a contact’s availability. It will also automatically set status to “In a call” when you are in an Audio or Video call and will allow users to add a personal note in case they want to provide a little more information about their status.

“Corporate Mac users can take better advantage of their corporate network with increased support for Office Communications Server 2007 making it easier to search a corporate address book from within Messenger as well as new support for Mac OS X Bonjour instant networking technology. Corporate users can also participate in instant face-to-face meetings with co-workers using multi-party audio and video conferencing.” Microsoft said in a statement.

Through the corporate service in Messenger for Mac, one can conduct virtual meetings with co-workers using audio and video calls. Users can communicate inside or outside their corporate network, knowingly communicate with co-workers running Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 on Windows, or participate in a multi-party Audio or Video conference.

Users of the personal service can now assign nicknames to their contacts to tell friends of the same name apart. Microsoft is still working on Audio and Video for the personal service.

Messenger for Mac 7 is a Universal Application, and the size is 21 MB. Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later is required.