Microsoft Announces New Zune MP3 Players

Microsoft Corp will roll out the new line of MP3 players on September 16. The new players offer “Buy from FM” features that allow users to tag songs.

Songs can be purchased through the Zune built-in Wi-Fi connection. Songs tagged for purchase are downloaded once a wireless connection is detected.

The Zune media player can detect private or public hotspots.

The new service is $14.99 per month. It will offer 450 radio stations. Another added feature is “Mixview” which does algorithm scans on your current library and generates a play-list.

Zune has also dropped in price. The new models will offer a new 120 GB model for $249. While $249 seems a bit steep, it is cheaper than Apple’s $349 160 GB iPod. A smaller 16 GB player is priced at $199.

Even with the price drop and these new features, Microsoft will be hard-pressed not only to compete with the national attention Apple will garner today, but with its ubiquitous iPod, which consumes more than 70 percent of the MP3 player market.