Pioneers of the World Wide Web remember that statement in 1994 by one Steve Ballmer, from Microsoft. It took years for him to finally admit he was wrong, but it’s also quite amusing that some 13 years later he tries to steal the show at the Web 2.0 conference.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did surprise us at the Web 2.0 conference with a new tool called, “Popfly.” Yippee! At first, I thought he was saying, “Pot-Pie” and thought only Ballmer could come up with an application name like that. Ugh, but then again, “Popfly,” well, you know.

Ballmer hailed the new application the tool for end users, not necessarily code heads. Popfly is simply a drag-and-drop application that blends different programs by matching up “blocks” or software modules sets of photos from Facebook.

Ballmer has made dismissive comments about Web-based competitors, particularly Google. Ballmer called the rivals “pretenders” because only Microsoft has a 17-year head start in building platforms. He has also referred to Google as a “one-trick pony.”

Has Steve Ballmer ever heard of Unix?

The Web 2.0 conference is turning into a rich man�s hobby than a place to learn and discover Web 2.0. With CEOs clashing and acting as if their flashlight is better, it�s been a bit disappointing.