Microsoft slashes Windows Mobile phone prices

Microsoft is cutting the price of its Windows Mobile phone line next month at prices below $100.

The software giant has faced increasing competition from Blackberry and the Apple iPhone. AT&T is already offering Windows Mobile phone model 3125 for $49.99.

Another model will go on sale for less than $100 but the company declined to name the model and what company will be selling the device.

The product line will be more affordable as cell phone users expect more features and bridging into things that people want to do at work and at home, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer spoke today at the Cellular Technology Industry Association of America and said Windows Mobile users can expect more experiences with the product line as the company is taking their expertise across servers and other operating systems to provide more services.

The company also announced “Mobile Device Manager,” which is a new server that will provide mobile workers who use smart devices for e-mail, attachments and the Web. The product enables Windows Mobile phone users to connect using secured access to applications, files and other information located on the corporate network.

Items that were only available through PCs or laptops will be able to be accessed from the mobile phone.