MySpace Exports TV Shows Globally

According to Travis Katz, managing director of MySpace’s international division, MySpace TV has partnered with ShineReveille to make shows such as “Quarterlife” and “Roommates” available outside the United States as well as creating localized versions of the shows.

“Partnering with ShineReveille empowers us to export MySpaceTV content to local TV networks globally — something we’ve never been able to in the past,” Katz said in a phone interview.

ShineReveille, the distribution division of Elisabeth Murdoch-founded Shine Group, is one of News Corp’s most ambitious plays to underscore MySpace as a media platform and to help distinguish itself from rival Facebook.

Just last week, MySpace announced a deal with three big music companies to start an online music service, seen as a rival to Apple Inc’s popular digital entertainment service iTunes.

The MySpace TV deal also raises questions on the potential for Web-developed shows on TV. When “Quarterlife,” a show about young adults that originally aired on MySpace, made it to NBC television, the show’s ratings tanked. The TV version combined more than thirty short videos into six hour-long episodes.

The MySpaceTV production called Quarterlife was used to fill a gap in programming resulting from the recent Hollywood writers strike by NBC, and the series has since been picked up by the Bravo cable channel.