MySpace Karaoke Offers Online Social Music

MySpace has launched a new online Karaoke social music service to allow users to upload audio recordings of them singing popular songs from their Web pages.

“It is in part because music is so popular on our site. However, also because karaoke is such a fun and social thing, which is what we’re about too. It’s not as much fun to go to karaoke alone, but when you do it through the Internet or on your MySpace page, then you can share it with people,” MySpace co-founder and President Tom Anderson said.

MySpace Karaoke is the first Web based sing along application to allow users to sing, record, and playback personalized renditions of their favorite songs.

The new service presents audio recording quality with the most advanced sharing capabilities that is easy to use and provides customers with a fun, complete and exciting online karaoke experience.

The MySpace Karaoke multi-featured online player, delivers sing along lyrics, recording capabilities and sharing capabilities. All you need is a mic, speakers and your singing skills.

MySpace said the service is entirely legal and has established agreements with leading music publishing companies, allowing access to thousands of titles enabling the new service to keep a rich and updated song catalog.

Users can also bookmark and store recordings and can publish their singing talents to receive peer critique by participating in the performer showcase.