MySpace to offer development platform

MySpace, owned by Fox, confirmed that it will open its platform to developers for 3rd party applications.

While the company provided API and widget tools to add new components to profile pages, the upcoming open-source, or SDK (Software Development Kit) will allow a platform to go a step further. The platform will allow developers to create applications for MySpace.

The confirmation was made at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California.

The MySpace infrastructure will be used so that developers can easily tap into the network using applications they create. The new kit would be similar to Facebook but would include better integration with ads and other revenue sources to provide a strong source of income for application developers.

MySpace will being a new Beta for testing which will soon begin with a group of nearly 2 million users. The participants will try early programs to experiment how well they work and to make sure there are no significant security issues before launch.

The company said that the development tools should be available within the next two months.

MySpace is often heralded as the true leader of the social networking scene and has over 100 million registered users.