National Day Of Unplugging Starts Friday Evening

A non-profit Jewish organization called ReBoot established in 2003 has created the ‘National Day Of Unpligging’ which starts at sundown on Friday evening and lasts for 24 hours till sundown on Saturday.

ReBoot is asking people to take a pledge of unplugging from their electronic’s and turning off their computers, cell phones, and avoiding any other electronic technology.

“Shut down your computer,” the pledge states. “Turn off your cell phone. Stop the constant emailing, texting, tweeting and Facebooking to take time to notice the world around you. Connect with loved ones. Nurture your health. Get outside. Find silence. Avoid commerce. Give back. Eat Together. ”

ReBoot says the purpose of the ‘National Day of Unplugging,’ is to challenge the world in tuning out of cyber space. This also includes the separation from all forms of technologies so people can appreciate the real things in life including family, friends, and time dedicated to oneself .

“Technology overuse takes an immeasurable toll on our ability to give time to the things that are most important in our lives,” Tanya Schevitz, communications manager for Reboot, told Mashable. “We can then use that time to be present and engaged in the moments that are happening around us and build meaningful, in-person connections.”

“We often seem to forget that we once survived without Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones and the Internet,” Schevitz said. “The National Day of Unplugging gives us permission to unplug and recharge ourselves for just 24 hours. Everything will still be there when we return.”

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