New iPhone 5 Shares The Love With Apple iOS 6

It seems like the new Apple iPhone 5 looks great based on the leaked images from our friends at technology blog 9to5Mac. There is also a rumor of iOS 6 and some of the details will even shock the Android market.

The latest information suggests that the next iPhone will have a 3.99-inch display with a 1136 x 640-resolution. The current iPhone has a 3.5-inch display with a 960 x 640 resolution. The new phone would be taller than the previous models, but not actually wider like many of the 4-to5- inch Android phones.

The leaked images also show that different design we had heard about. The back panel appears to be covered in metal, rather than glass, the headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone now, and, as previously reported, the dock connecter is smaller. As the picture shows, there are also black and white versions.

Additionally, the iPhone looks to have an improved processor and new graphics. Code in the software also suggests that it will have the same Qualcomm chips in the new iPad which provide LTE speeds.

Lastly, the site corroborates reports that Apple is creating its own map apps in the next version of the iPhone and iPad software — iOS 6. It has been rumored that Apple would move away from the Google Maps currently used in the iPhone and create its own software.

These rumors and leaks come on the heels of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s recent statements at the All Things D conference that he is planning to “double down on secrecy.”

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