Nielsen to test new venture

The new service is called Neilsen Digital Media Manager which will enable media companies to track their content throughout the Internet by using digital watermarking technology.

The revolutionary technology will allow publishing companies, peer-to-peer services, social networks and other content generated sites to manage and report the online media streams. The service will also be able to track how the content is viewed and shared.

Nielsen already employs watermarking and fingerprinting technology for 95% of TV programming, using it for its ratings service. The new initiative will see the company collaborate with Digimarc, which will provide patents and back-end support with web reporting features.

The service will begin monitoring the distribution of TV content on the Internet by the third quarter of 2008.

Digimarc, based in Oregon, also provides identification technology for two-thirds of U.S. drivers licenses and other IDs for more than 25 countries. The two renowned companies have been working on the new project for over a year.