Nintendo DS Gets Thinner With Larger Screens

A new rumour in the gaming world suggests that Nintendo are planning to revamp the dual-screened console again. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson has stated that Nintendo has already finished work on its successor.

According to the firm, their contacts indicate that a refreshed DS is complete with a thinner style, on-board storage, larger screens but has no GBA port. However, they do not expect a revamped Wii or DS until sales begin to tail off in all three major geographies.

Though Wilson might be right, it’s hard to believe Nintendo will drop GBA port, as there are a lot of games for this platform.

The news is being met by an “if it ain’t broke” reaction in some fan quarters, with the fear that another redesign at this stage would be more along the lines of the not particularly successful Game Boy Advance revamp into the Game Boy Micro, rather than a necessary remodel.

Nintendo DS was launched in late 2004 and a revamped version, lighter and slimmer, was introduced two years later, under the name Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo downplayed Wilson’s report and refused to comment about the viable possibility to unveil an upgraded gaming console.