Nintendo Says No Dual Touch DS

Nintendo downplayed down the rumors of a new Nintendo DS coming with dual-touch screen technology. The new handheld device was to offer feature screens that were slightly bigger than those currently exhibited by the DS Lite.

However, some analysts say that Nintendo could very well be working on a new dual-touch screen. If true, it would only be announced early next year.

Another factor is that some members of the media have obtained information from several inside sources about the new DS portable.

Either way, Nintendo does not have any planned new devices for the coming holiday season.

It would make perfect sense for Nintendo to upgrade its DS to a multi-touch display. After all, the industry is heading in that direction. 3G handheld devices such as the Apple iPhone already have the technology.

Video gamers that are on the move would find the touch features easily to play games than using the stylus pen. Those stylus pens get lost easily even though there’s a holder for them.