Nokia Remains Top Leader in Smart Phones

Research firm Gartner reports that sales for the smart phone in North America were 7.3 million units, up 106 percent from the first quarter of last year. RIM, with a U.S. market share of 42 percent.

“Despite economic concerns, the smart phone market continued to expand in the United States, driven by heavy advertising and strong marketing promotions as more devices reached mass-market price points,” said Gartner analyst Hugues De La Vergne.

Smart phone sales worldwide were 32.2 million, up 29 percent from a year ago, but half of that increase was due to the North American surge.

Nokia stands as the global market share leader with 46.7 percent. However, its market presence is minimal in the U.S., and its models that don&#39t fit well into the U.S. concept of a smart phone.

The Nokia phones can run a variety of applications and have advanced hardware features, but mostly lack the alphabetic keyboards and touch screens.

Apple Inc said it has sold 1 million units of the new 3G iPhone in its initial weekend sending its stock soaring to morethan 2 percent.