Pepsi Social Vending Machine Goes Viral

Pepsi Social Vending Machine – What is it? It seems more companies are making the move to social awareness. It’s a new machine that could soon eliminate the typical coin-in-slot vending.

The touch-screen machine allows users to send video messages and gifts to friends. These gifts are redeemable at any social machine by Pepsi. Thirsty friends can’t wait to see what message or gift is addressed to them.

“Awesome, now I can bond with Mountain Dew,” David Gianatasio of Adweek said in a statement. The whole idea is getting mixed reviews and it has left a lot of people scratching their heads. It’s new, invented by Pepsi, but what is it?

Think of a social website that is “tangible” and not online. That’s the biggest guess we’ve come up with. You don’t need a computer to participate with the vending machine.

Pepsi has introduced an innovative, cash-free way of giving and getting beverages. At the point of purchase, you can send free sodas to friends via text. Users select the beverage, enter money and send a personalized text to the beverage recipient.

Some machines are equipped with a camera. This allows senders to record a video to send with the free beverage code. Pepsi is calling the whole thing “Random Acts of Refreshment” and it does have potential, but time will only tell if it works.