PS3 Firmware v2 Released

PS3 Firmware v2.0 is now available to all Sony PlayStation 3 owners which adds further integration of the PSP with Remote Start.

Those with PSPs can make use of the dramatic improvements to the Remote Play linkage between the handheld and the PS3. With the latest firmware for both systems, PSP users have the amazing ability to turn their PS3 on and off from a Wi-Fi connection, rapidly adding the opportunity to listen to the music, look at the photos and watch the videos retained on the PS3 hard drive from anywhere in the virtual world.

The XrossMediaBar (XMB) will also see some upgrades. Unfortunately, in-game XMB integration hasn’t been included with this update, but there is a new Information Board that will have live news as well as a PlayStation Network category. You’ll also have more control over custom themes, such as your XMB icons, and the essential ability to make music and photo playlists.

Version 2.0 also improves upon the PS3’s primary functions as a media player. The new firmware enables online consumers to create custom playlists for its music and photos — a feature that will be handy for those using the PS3 as a slide show.

Sony has also announced that new custom themes, which will incorporate both wallpaper and XMB icons, will be available shortly in the PlayStation Store.