PS3 gets more 50 percent price cuts

Sony has cut the competitive price of its PlayStation 3 development kit by almost half, while adding a host of software development features aimed at simplifying the game creation process.

The PlayStation 3 Reference Tool kit will now be available for $10,250 in North America making PS3 game creation a more viable option for small and independent game developers.

PS3 software development and debugging tools has added support for applications such as ProDG and its SN tool suite are also being released.

The sudden move is aimed at getting more studios to adopt the revolutionary technology and making it easier to use for those that do. Sony has been criticized for the PS3’s overwhelming software library since launching just over a year ago, while some developers have admitted that it is more challenging to develop software for the PS3 than other platforms.

Sony also said that the price of the Reference Tool will be reduced further later in the PS3 console’s life-cycle.

PS3 has cutting-edge hardware including a custom-designed central processor. However, that has made it difficult and expensive for game developers to create titles for the video game console, especially in comparison to more traditional offerings from rivals.