Sony launches TV push for PS3

The marketing push is critical for the PS3, which is going head to head with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 at Christmas for the first time. The theatrical-themed ad, called “the entertainers,” features a supporting cast of independent characters including a magician and his assistants to promote different capabilities of the PS3.

Sony is aiming to promote the PS3 as more than a game console – it can, for example, play films and store photos and music – with the concept of an “entertainment super computer”. The TV campaign is being supported with a digital marketing push to showcase and provide details of PS3 features.

PS3 is determined to win over shoppers in the crucial Christmas season battle against competitors Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

Nintendo Wii so far is the winner in the video game console wars with 11.5 million systems sold.

Xbox 360 has sold nearly 10.9 million units.

Sony PlayStation 3 is in third place with 4.6 million units sold.

Forecasts for 2008 expected to be a significant year for Sony with a number of major titles to be launched that could perhaps place the PlayStation 3 ahead of the Microsoft 360 in holiday retail sales.