PS3 to dominate Wii, Xbox 360 in 2008

According to research firm iSuppli, sales for the PS3 are expected to be more than 10 million units this year compared with 12.2 million units for the Nintendo Wii and 7.5 million units for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Sony has recently lowered the price for its PlayStation 3 and has provided more games that appeal to a broader audience.

PS3 sales is expected given its strong sales, “In this stage of the new-generation video game console market, consumers are showing they’d rather be entertained and pay less for their consoles than shell out more for the latest and greatest technology,” iSuppli analyst Pam Tufegdzic said.

The PlayStation 3 has fallen behind other rivals as a result of its high price and lack of blockbuster games for most of 2007. However, the game console is widely expected to double its base to 20.3 million and by 2011 will lead the industry with some 38.4 million users.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has struggled in Japan and will have a tough battle in Europe where Sony has dominated.