PS3 Unveils Bluetooth Wireless ThumbPad

Sony Corp introduced the new bluetooth-enabled PS3 ThumbPad on Wednesday. The new touch pad will be available in November.

The announcement was made Wednesday at a gaming convention in Leipzig, Germany.

PS3 users will be able to use the new ThumbPad for typing and Web browsing. The new device will make it easier to chat during PlayStation 3 multi-player games.

Other features include a button on the PS3 keypad that will enable users to turn it into a touch pad. This will allow users to use the entire surface as a mouse by sliding their finger over the surface.

Sony has also updated its PlayStation Portable system. The enhanced PSP will feature a wider LCD screen display with antireflection technology. A built-in microphone has been added that will allow users to make Skype calls and talk to other gamers.

The new PSP will launch on October 14 for 200. It also includes a bundle with Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

While the Bluetooth Wireless ThumbPad is currently being told at some online merchants, Sony has not announced its official price.