Samsung Galaxy Note CNET Tablet-Smartphone Review

Recently CNET was given an opportunity to look over and write a short review on the new Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet smartphone for AT&T.

First an foremost they want everyone to know, even though it boasts a 5.3 inch display, it is not a tablet computer. It is more of a hybrid of a smartphone and tablet.

“Not everyone’s going to like the size; in fact, I suspect it’ll be a niche group who does,” wrote Sarah Tew of CNET. “And yes, some people who are casually considering a tablet might also decide that they’d be happy with a big-screen phone instead.”

It’s large display quality is much like a tablet however. It is a Super AMOLED display with 1280×800 resolution, which is the same as laptops and tablets. CNET make the comparison between it and the iPhone 4 display as going from a 480p standard television to a 1080 high definition one.

The smartphone also comes with a stylus pen which seemed to work well for drawing and taking notes with a little lag Tew says.. While for everything else the touchscreen responsiveness was good.

“At any rate, the Galaxy Note doesn’t skimp on high-end screen, processor, and camera specs, and the phone is 4G LTE ready,” wrote Tew.

The phone will hit stores on February 19th and cost $300 with a two year wireless agreement.

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