SanDisk Launches slotMusic to Offer Music on Flash Memory Cards

SanDisk Corp launched slotMusic on Monday which will allow music to be distributed through microSD memory cards. The flash memory cards can also be used for mobile cell phones. However, they will not play on the Apple iPhone.

Four major record companies are supporting the new format to distribute music. The companies include EMI Group PLC, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group Corp.

Major retailers Wal-Mart and Best Buy are also embracing the slotMusic format. Retailers see the new flash memory cards as an easier way to sell music than traditional CDs.

The slotMusic cards are no larger than a normal postage stamp. The flash music memory cards can store 1.1 gigabytes of data. They can also stream music at high-quality CD levels of 320 kilobytes per second.

Albums stored on the new music format will cost around $15. They will be stocked in retail stores near CD racks. It is not known what the exact product size will be, but some reports suggest that it will be no larger than current CD cases.