Sanyo Debuts HD Digital Camcorder

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd has announced its next compact, light-weight Full HD Xacti digital movie camera with advanced and improved features. The new camcorder features simple playback and storage with intuitive menus. The digital movie camera also features a slow-motion video function.

The Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1010 can take high definition videos and high resolution stills and will be on sale in this month.

“With the HD1010, Sanyo has brushed up many of the features from the previous model, making it easier to use while advancing the image quality. With a SANYO Xacti, you have instant access to both high quality photos and high definition movies with one simple, stylish unit,” Hideki Toyoda, General Manager of the Sanyo’s DI Company Products Planning Department, said.

Sanyo has improved image quality with the new camera and added more functions that signals automatically optimizes gamma correction and noise reduction. It’s codec algorithm was changed from 12 Mbps to 14 Mbps in an effort to allow more data per second.

Image files can be saved/sorted by date of filming, allowing simple file management and browsing. The camera’s new 1920 x 1080 30 fps mode allows further possibilities to deliver full HD.

The HD1010 also comes bundled with specialized software which allows playback and editing of full HD videos on the computer. The camera is compatible with DVD, BD-AV, AVCHD media formats for writing disc media to share with others.