Seagate Unleashes New Hybrid Drives

Seagate, the world’s largest hard drive manufacturer, announced that it is shipping new hybrid disc drives for notebooks. The drives have flash memory storage and offer higher energy efficiency.

The company said the new drives also have longer battery life cycles and better durability. The hard drive, dubbed, “Momentus 5400 PSD,” uses non-volatile cache and 256 megabytes of flash memory.

Using the new hybrid technology, Seagate is able to boost laptop pc performance using faster speed components, such as flash memory, and can still offer longer battery life.

Traditional hard drive’s must spin prior to boot-up, but with the new hybrid drives, the boot-up sequences load the files onto flash memory first. This bypasses the initial boot delay. When the hard drive completes its spin cycle, the files are then loaded from flash memory and the hard drive simultaneously.

The hybrid mode reduces platter spin time, which means once the motors spin down, it reduces the need for power. This is where the energy-efficiency comes into play.

The new hybrid drive can also withstand 900 Gs of shock, which is equivalent of dropping a laptop from six feet onto a cement floor. All hybrid drives are Vista ready, using Windows Vista’s ReadyDrive technologies.