Skyfire Launches Public Mobile Web Browser

Skyfire Labs Inc announced today that they are opening public registration for its free mobile Web browser. The latest version is beta 0.8 which is made for Windows Mobile devices.

“Leaving private beta is a huge step for us,” continued Bhandari. “We have accomplished our goals of the private beta — launch, listen, improve. Demand for Skyfire has been extremely strong, and we are excited to bring this more evolved product to more devices and users.”

The browser offers several advantages for mobile cell phones than traditional Internet Explorer and Firefox. For one, it adds even more speed and ease to browse through the Web from a mobile device.

It also features technologies that include Ajax, Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media and others.

Prior to today’s beta release, users who wanted to use Skyfire on their smart phones had to sign up on a waiting list. However, the company made the latest version of the Windows Mobile Skyfire browser is available to anyone.

Another feature in Skyfire is the Super Bar. This feature combines the URL and search entry in one bar. This makes it easier for users to run search queries from the phone. It also has auto complete which is activated by typing a few letters.