Sony Playstation Vita Japan Launch, PS Vita US Release Date

The Sony has released the Playstation Vita in Japan with a new 3G Wi-Fi capability that connects directly to AT&T or at any store that offers a hotspot. The PS Vita US release date is February 22, 2010 with the North American launch. The new portable now features a touchscreen and six motion sensors, a huge upgrade from the PSP.

There’s been a few Playstation users in Japan reporting back with positive feedback and informing us that the Wi-Fi connection is working in their local McDonald’s as well as the airport. There does seem to be a lot of improvements since the PSP that are now implemented into the Vita. This portable is getting better all the time, but Sony hopes it will revive the fans since the portable was dropping in sales.

Now, let’s talk about all the new stuff, including the front and rear cameras, which remind me of the dual iPod or iPhone. The enhanced OLED 5-inch screen will be capable of showing 16 million colors, according to Sony Playstation.

The PS Vita will have a better feel in the hands with its backside crop pads and has dual analog sticks on the front for an improved first shooter gaming experience.

The other app, called Near, goes a bit deeper into social networking online. It allows users to comment on and recommend games. Equally important is that all Vita users can track their friends through the built-in GPS system, but some people are totally turned off by this feature, citing privacy issues.

The new Sony Playstation portable is available for pre-order in the U.S. with a release date of February 22nd. The retail price tag for the Vita is set at $299.99.

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