T-Mobile Makes Google Android Official

T-Mobile USA Inc showcased its first mobile cell phone to run on Android. The Google Inc mobile open-source software includes many features of its rival iPhone and BlackBerry phones.

G1 was made by HTC Corp. The smart phone has a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. The mobile cell phone lets customers search the Web, get directions and read news. The software is open-source which lets developers create and distribute programs to Android customers.

Android is based on the Linux operating system and is open to any programmer who wants to develop features for wireless devices. Software developers can build custom applications to run with the program.

T-Mobile is the first carrier to offer a phone running on the Android software. Additional phones are expected to be available to other carriers by next year.

One of the most exciting features of the new G1 is its media player. The player connects to Amazon’s music Web site which is similar to Apple Inc’s iTunes store. However, the G1 smart phone does have limitations in comparison to the iPhone. For one thing, the address book and calendar can only synchronize with Google programs.

The G1 will go on sale in the United States on October 22. The handset will cost $179 with a two-year contract with T-Mobile.