Tablets Touch Screen Not Just For Parents

Tablets Touch Screen – About 61 percent of iPad Touch Screen buyers are parents, estimates BlueKai Inc., which compiles consumer data on running tablets.

Patrick Smith, an American Web designer living in Germany, has two kids vying for their tablet computer. The youngest started tapping and finger-swiping the screen by age 1, leading to tussles over who gets to play with the Apple device. Now Smith is considering buying another tablet for Christmas.

“It’s usually a fight to decide whose turn it is,” said Smith, whose sons are now 2 and 5.

The family jockeying shows how big the youth market may be for Apple and its tablet competitors, including Inc. and makers of Android devices. Among kids age 6 to 12, the iPad is the most-wanted holiday gift for the second year in a row, according to Nielsen Co. Even so, the industry faces hurdles. That includes setting a price parents can live with and dealing with concerns about kids getting hooked on technology too early.

About 61 percent of iPad buyers are parents, estimates BlueKai Inc., which compiles consumer data. The market’s growth isn’t just generating revenue for touch screen tablet makers, it’s increasing demand for kid-oriented content. Companies ranging from Walt Disney Co. to small startups are developing games, interactive books and other software to appeal to children.

“Kids just get it — they touch it and it moves,” said Jamie Pearson, founder of, a review website with almost 300,000 monthly page views, 40 percent of which are for apps aimed at kids under 5. “It’s like any other natural language at that age; they just pick it up.”

Learning to WriteAccording to Forrester Research Inc., 29 percent of touch screen tablet owners regularly share the device with their kids. Among mothers, it’s 65 percent. One Apple commercial shows a young child learning to write using the iPad 2.