Time Warner Cable Sued for Deceptive Business Practices

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable on Thursday for causing “major havoc and distress” to Los Angeles residents when it became the city’s main TV provider two years ago.

The lawsuit claims that Time Warner Cable violated its franchise agreement by engaging in deceptive business practices, false advertising and leading Los Angeles customers to suffer months of cable television and Internet outages.

The complaint alleges that Time Warner violated fraudulent acts and business practices which led consumers paying more for cable TV services than they were led to believe while residents experienced excessive service outages.

“We’re bringing this civil law enforcement action against Time Warner Cable because the company has broken multiple laws and harmed countless Los Angeles consumers,” City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said.

“Time Warner Cable must be held accountable for illegally deceiving and ripping off its subscribers,” Delgadillo said.

Time Warner became the major cable TV provider in the area when it joined with Comcast Corp in 2006 to buy out bankrupt Adelphia Communications Corp. Time Warner and Comcast then swapped franchises so each would dominate markets in different regions of the country.

The lawsuit focuses on service from the fall of 2006 to the spring of 2007.