Toshiba HD-A35 HD DVD Player Rattles Blu-Ray

Toshiba’s third generation of HD DVD players are hitting shelves at retail stores with its introduction of the HD-A3 HD DVD player, which features 1080i output along with the higher end HD-A30 and HD-A35 models which output 1080p resolution.

Additionally to the 1080p output, the HD-A30 and HD-A35 are also capable of outputting signals at 1080p/24 frames per second and feature “CE-Link” (HDMI-CEC) which allows for the two- way control between the HD DVD player and a TV through an HDMI connection.

The top-of-the-line HD-A35 also adds tremendous support for Deep Color and bit stream output Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio via HDMI.

The HD-A3, HD-A30 and HD-A35 will retail for $299, $399 and $499.

Toshiba will be bundling the Bourne Identity and 300 HD DVD discs with the new players in a bold attempt to increase planned holiday sales.

Sony, the leading backer of the Blu-ray format, said last week that it’s unlikely that Blu-ray player prices will fall under $399 this holiday season.

However, LionsGate, a studio that backs Blu-ray, yesterday said in a conference call with Wall Street analysts that it widely expects Blu-ray player prices to fall soon.