Toshiba HD DVD Responds to Blu-Ray Warner Shock

Toshiba has announced a major HD DVD strategy with a price reduction by as much as half for the North American market.

The HD DVD maker announced the price reduction after Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, a leading US movie studio, had announced its support for the Sony Blu-ray Disc technology.

The target products are all the latest models released in line with the year-end sales season. The suggested retail price (SRP) for the “HD-A35,” a high-end model supporting 1080/24p video output and Deep Color rendering, was lowered from the $499.99 to $299.99.

The SRP for the “HD-A30,” a medium-class model supporting 1080/24p output, was slashed down from the US$399.99 to US$199.99. And that for the “HD-A3,” a low-end model compatible with 1080p output, was lowered from the US$299.99 to US$149.99.

In addition to this price reduction, Toshiba intends to continue to promote movie companies to support the HD DVD format, highlighting the HD DVD player’s network connectivity. The international company revealed 30% of all HD DVD packaged software purchasers has used network capabilities such as bonus clips and trailer downloads.