Trapster Mobile Cell Phone Fights Speeding Tickets

A California inventor is proposing a new mobile cell phone social network that aims to share information and help members avoid getting speeding tickets. Users can receive real-time issued reports as they approach highway radar detection.

Trapster, invented by Pete Tenereillo and his firm, relies on Boston company Skyhook Wireless which provides location-based positioning services based on WiFi access points. The service also depends on Global Positioning Systems that use cell towers to determine the exact whereabouts of an individual cell phone user. This data can then determine the nearest speed trap which then alerts the person by phone.

The Trapster service, which bills itself as a speed-trap sharing system, is easy to use. When you’re driving near an area that contains a patrol officer with a radar gun, you simply hit “pound one” on your cell phone. This will then alert Trapster and will save the location to alert other motorists who use the same route.

For cellphones with screens, members can also see a road map of specific speed traps clearly marked.

It would seem that Trapster would need a critical mass of members for its speed trap warning system to be effective, with input data coming from all locations around the country.

Trapster is planning an official launch this month.