Nintendo Wii gets new Mii channel

Nintendo announced this week that it will launch a new Wii channel next week to allow users to share their “Mii” characters with others via the Internet.

The “Check Mii Out” channel will let Wii owners upload their personal avatar creations to the “Posting Plaza”. There, users can view all the Mii characters, with search filters for regions, the name of the user who created it, or by specific Mii ID numbers.

Check Mii Out allows Wii owners to upload the Miis which they have created and view other Wii owner’s creations from around the world. Users can browse a random selection of 1000 shared Miis in the Posting Plaza and can even tag their favourites or download them to wander across their own consoles. In case you are worried about getting lost among all the Miis strolling out there, you can browse Miis by creator or an avatar-specific number.

Additionally, the new channel will host various competitions, such as lookalike contests where users will be asked to create Mii representations of movie stars, or of descriptive themes like “the overbearing boss”.

It will be the first Wii channel that allows users to have interaction with other random users online, albeit in a very indirect way. The channel is set to go live on the evening of November 11.