Wii Gets Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo Wii brings back the “Super Mario Galaxy” cravings where Mario travels to that final frontier. His trip encounters a multitude of crazy creatures living on a string of never-before-heard-of planets.

Bowser, Mario’s longtime nemesis, crashes the star festival, and catapults Princess Peach’s castle into Space. Mario travels from Galaxy to Galaxy in order to retrieve Power Stars, and undo the evil perpetrated by Bowser. There are 120-odd Power Stars hidden on all the planets of the various galaxies.

On one such planet, Mario learns a powerful spin move that players can pull-off by shaking the Wii Remote.

Mario also gets a flourish of new transformations, including ‘Boo Mario’, which causes him to float and fly through walls, and ‘Bee Mario’, which turns him into a very adorable flying bee.

“Super Mario Galaxy” also enables a second player in “co-star” mode. Using the motion-sensitive Wii Remote, the co-star can point at the screen to collect starbits to shoot at enemies or deflect incoming attacks or stall enemies and help Mario.

Players generally get to master changing gravities while exploring different planets and collecting Power Stars.

According to Nintendo, the new game is an opportunity for newcomers to play right alongside their more experienced peers.

“Super Mario Galaxy” is Rated E for everyone.