Nintendo Wii Gets Super Smash Bros Brawl

The Nintendo Wii got its biggest game to date on Sunday with the launch of Super Smash Bros Brawl. However, The Wii company has stated that there are customers running into disk read errors with the game. The problem seems to be the console itself unable to read some of the game discs.

While only a small percentage of Wii consoles have the problem, Super Smash Bros Brawl utilizes a double-layer disc and some of the video game consoles are having trouble reading the data.

Nintendo asks customers not to clean the disc lens, as it can damage the Wii system. Returning your disc to the shop will not solve the problem as the glitch issue lies with the hardware and not the software.

Nintendo said it will fix the glitch free of charge, and asked the customers to return their console to the company for specialized cleaning. In addition, Nintendo will also bear all shipping and repair costs.

Last month, the action-packed Super Smash Bros Brawl became the fastest Nintendo Wii title to sell one million units in Japan, more than 1.08 million copies in just eleven days.

The game features dozens of Nintendo characters from Mario to Link to Pikachu, as well as new characters like Solid Snake, a gritty soldier from Konami’s hugely popular Metal Gear series, and Sonic The Hedgehog.