Wii Gets TellTale Games Sam & Max

Telltale Games has announced that the first season of its episodic adventure series Sam & Max will arrive on Wii in North America and Europe this fall.

Following the wacky exploits of dog detective Sam and the bunny-thing Max, both of whom are freelance police officers, Telltale’s series is based on the popular work of Steve Purcell, which also inspired LucasArts’ adventure Sam & Max Hit the Road (PC) and an animated series in the early 90’s.

Consisting of six installments, the episodes of Sam & Max Season One were incrementally released on the PC across late 2006 and early 2007, with the full season hitting retail store shelves after its conclusion. Telltale has long expressed its stake in bringing the series to Wii.

The canine-lagomorph combo’s debut on Nintendo’s console will come in the direct form of a port of the PC first-season compilation, from pilot episodes “Culture Shock” through to “Bright Side of the Moon.”

Telltale representatives said the game’s release on the Wii is due in large part to fan demand, in particular an e-mail campaign launched before the introduction of the Sam & Max episodic series on the PC. Rumors and speculation of a Wii port gradually helped spark publisher interest in bringing the series to Nintendo’s console platform.

Sam & Max: Season One is set to be published in the US by Dreamcatcher and The Adventure Company, whereas publishing duties on the European version will be handled by JoWood. Gamers in both regions should expect the game to arrive on store shelves this fall.