Wii Channel Debuts in May

Nintendo of America, Inc. will launch a Wii channel that offers downloadable DS titles and information about the company’s games when WiiWare rolls out in the United States in May.

Some features of the Nintendo Channel, which was released in Japan last year will be integrated with the games-on-demand service, WiiWare.

For example, if a Wii user has played a WiiWare game for at least an hour, they will be able to review the game on the Nintendo Channel. The reviews will be available for other Wii owners to read.

Since Nintendo won’t provide free demo versions of WiiWare games, the Nintendo Channel is how customers will be able to get a feel for games to help them make purchasing decisions.

Wii users will be able to log into the online Wii Shopping Channel from the console’s main menu and download the Nintendo Channel application.

The Wii Channel also offers streaming web video with content such as interviews with Wii game designers. In one video feature, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto describes the company’s upcoming exercise game, Wii Fit.

The Nintendo Channel distributes a full list of upcoming games for the Wii and Nintendo DS, which users can sort by release date, publisher, genre, etc. It also allows players to download demo versions of games for the portable Nintendo DS: The Wii beams the game demos to the DS wirelessly, and the demos stay on the DS until it is shut off.

The Nintendo Wii Channel debuts in May.