Nintendo Wii Fit Offers 40 Physical Activities

The Nintendo Wii Fit is already facing shortages of its electronic balancing board, known as the Wii Fit Tracker, which monitors a user’s body mass index, weight and center-of-balance to make sure exercises are done correctly.

However, the Wii console itself is still in short supply,and that comes a year and a half after the release of the world’s most popular games console. While stock should meet demand by the Christmas Holiday period, all signs point to higher demands. Many consumers who are shopping to purchase the Wii console are still having trouble getting their hands on one, and that is also the case with the Wii Fit.

According to Wii Fit Tracker, there are just a few places where the Wii is available, but they are part of a bundle which will cost you more money. These bundles will cost you from $390 to $500, so you have to really want one to part with that amount of cash.

Nintendo has come out with a number of reasons as to why the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit is out of stock. One reason was that they had planned for big sales numbers, but not historic ones. The Japanese games company has said that they are doing all they can to reach the demand of customers.

Nintendo will increase production of the Wii by 2.4 million per month, this extra production should help with the shortages, however, the company still does not know if it will be enough.