Deadline for wireless 700MHz spectrum passes

The big players who have made bids on the new wireless 700MHz spectrum are Google, Frontline Wireless, AT&T and Cox Communications. The deadline was originally set for 6 PM ET Monday. The auction will be hosted in January.

Some of the companies who have publicly opted out of the unsolicited bid include: Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Comcast. Both Comcast and Time Warner are the nation’s two largest cable companies.

The Federal Communication Commission announced that the 700MHz band would be made available to renowned companies as they can bid on it to construct a new wireless voice and data network. This comes as they made the announcement that everyone would move to digital television in 2009.

Under the rules of the auction, no company has to actually announce that they have any intention to bid. They do though have to announce that they are participating in the auction in some capacity.

The auction, which is said to start at $4.6 billion, is seen as the last opportunity for a new cable company to enter the wireless market. The sale is widely expected to raise up to $15 billion for the U.S. Treasury.

The key-player to watch out for in the upcoming FCC auction is Google. While most of the big established cable companies are not participating, Google could very well become the successor that will offer wireless voice and data on its very own network.