FCC Opens Wireless Spectrum Auction

The FCC has opened the formal bidding for pieces of the wireless spectrum which includes top companies such as Google, Verizon and AT&T which are among the highest bidders.

The auction process is expected to last for several months.

The spectrum being auctioned is currently being used for over-the- air television signals, which will be turned off in February of 2009 when the digital TV transition takes formal place.

The FCC confirmed recently that the largest part of the spectrum will be sold under the complex conditions that the bid winner maintain “open access” rules, meaning that they must create a cell phone network that actively allows users to buy phones anywhere and choose which provider they want.

The bid for the first day of the auction was $2.78 billion on five separate parts of the spectrum. Those submitting bids were not disclosed; they will not be until after the necessary process is over.

Wireless network companies such as Verizon recently took steps towards “opening” its network, while Google has made moves towards entering the telecom sphere, with several partners. Google reportedly pushed for the conditions.