Woman Uses Toes To Text 911 On AOL Instant Messenger

Woman uses toes to text 911 through AOL Instant Messenger. An Atlanta woman uses her toes to call for help using AOL Instant Messenger. The woman was tied to her bed by an armed burglar, but was able to use her toes to text 911.

According to Atlanta police Capt. Van Hobbs the woman’s boyfriend called 911 Tuesday morning and stated that his girlfriend told him she’d been bound since midnight. The 39-year-old women told police that the intruder had a gun, wore a ski mask, and took her around the house going through her belongings. Then she was hit and bonded to her bed. As the perpetrator went through her belongings, she pleaded for her safety, and asked that he not take her laptop.

She convinced the intruder that it had files she needed and was equipped with a tracking device. He ended up taking her cell phone, iPod and digital camera and then made off in her 2009 Acura. Once he was gone, using her feet, she opened her laptop carrying case.Next, she opened the laptop and navigated to AOL Instant Messenger.

“I started trying to type with the toes and realized that your big toe is just too big to type on keys, and you can’t get your little toes curled type on individual keys,” the victim said in a statement. Using her toes to grip the powercord, she used it to peck out messages to her boyfriend, John Hilton: “CALL 911 POLICE.” Hilton did as he was asked, and police came to her aid.

“Thank God my AT&T DSL was working, and that I had Wi-Fi that was working, and that John was online at 5 a.m.,” Windom stated. “I don’t have the world’s prettiest feet, but I think I’ll keep them,” Windom said. “They came in pretty handy.”